Empty Envelopes for 8046 Km exhibition in Houston (USA)

8.046 km

Alberto Acinas, Lorena Alvarez, Cristina Busto, David Cantera, Haritz Guisasola, Javier Lozano, Lujan Marcos, Ana Katarina Martin, Oscar Martinez Martin, Ivan Perez, Juan Carlos Roldan, Eva Rueda
July 7-29, 2012

8.046km., which references the distance between Madrid and Houston, features the work of twelve emerging artists from Spain. The exhibition is loosely structured around the notion of a transformative journey in which the objects created by the artists were casually packed and shipped via unpadded envelopes and flimsy boxes in a manner not in keeping with the normal protocols used when shipping one-of-a-kind artworks. The pieces in the exhibition thus become subject to the wear and tear of intercontinental travel, perhaps arriving at their destination broken, torn, or otherwise altered. It is only upon arrival in this tranformed state that they become works of art.
8.046km. marks the first exhibition in Houston by this group of artists and is part of an exhibition exchange organized by G Gallery and Mad is Mad Galeria, Madrid.